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This page contains a large number of links to additional resources. The navigation table below is designed to help you negotiate your way to the link(s) that interest you most. Simply choose the letter of the alphabet in the navigation table that corresponds to the group of links to resources that begin with that letter. (Note: There are some letters within the page navigation table that are not listed because there are no links that correspond to that letter.) All resource links on this page open in a new window.

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Wheelchair Accessible Home Clearinghouse

Nonprofit organization which publishes ONLY houses that are wheelchair accessible. Provides links to other disability related resources.

Wheeling Cals Coast - A Wheelchair Rider's Guide to the California Coast

Exploring California's spectacular 1,100-mile-long coast can be a challenge for people who need a fairly level and firm path of travel—be they wheelchair riders, parents pushing strollers, or people who use canes or walkers. This guide provides information on accessible parks, trails, historical sites, and other points of interest on the California Coast.

World Institute on Disability

WID is a nonprofit, international public-policy center dedicated to carrying out cutting edge research on disability issues and overcoming obstacles to independent living.