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This page contains a large number of links to additional resources. The navigation table below is designed to help you negotiate your way to the link(s) that interest you most. Simply choose the letter of the alphabet in the navigation table that corresponds to the group of links to resources that begin with that letter. (Note: There are some letters within the page navigation table that are not listed because there are no links that correspond to that letter.) All resource links on this page open in a new window.

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Personal Assistance Services Council (PASC) of Los Angeles County

committed to improving the IHSS program and enhancing the quality of life for all people who receive and provide In-Home Services.

(877) 565-4477 (voice)

(818) 206-7015 (TTY)

Pacific Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC)

provides information, problem solving assistance and referrals for implementing the ADA. Serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and the Pacific Basin.

To find a the DBTAC in your area, click here.

(800) 949-4232 (voice/TTY)

Parents Helping Parents

Helping children with special needs receive the resources, love, hope, respect, heath care, education and other services they need to achieve their full potential by providing them with strong families and dedicated professionals to serve them.

Power Hockey

Don't think using that electric wheelchair should stop you from playing the greatest sport on earth.

Project ACTION

is funded by the Department of Transportation to provide ADA information and publications on making transportation accessible.

Transportation information and publications

(800) 659-6428 (voice)

(202) 347-3066 (voice)

(202) 347-7385 (TTY)