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Personal Assistance

The goal of the Personal Assistant (PA) Services program is to provide a PA referral to consumers to meet their needs & to help them to live independently in their own home.

This is a brief description of the service:

Services Provision:

  • A.Personal Assistance (PA) Services
    • PA referrals
    • Training on employer/employee rights
    • IHSS ( In-Home Supportive Services) benefit information

    B. Intake / Assessment
  • 1. Type of assistant needed
  • 2. Refer possible PA
  • a.) Referrals to other sources needed (e.g. PASC, SEIU)
  • 3. Source of payment (e.g. IHSS)
  • 4. Workshop for consumer on how to interview / hire PA
  • 5. Follow-up to determine progress on goals

Personal Assistant Services

Khanny Ou

(562) 427-1000 ext. 122